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18 Best Korean Action Movies To Watch Right Now (2022)

Are you looking for good action Korean movies? Stick with us till the end to find out.

A lot of Hallyu fans miss out on Korean movies for no reason at all especially their action movies.

What Are The Best Action K-Movies?

Best Korean action movies

From Confidential Assignment, I Saw The Devil, The Chaser to Train To Busan, Here are 18 Korean action movies to watch right now.

So let’s get started.

18. The Suspect (2013)

The suspect

Watch On: Prime Video

You might know Gong Yoo From Goblin or Train To Busan but back then Gong Yoo was a different species.

Gong Yoo is a North Korean spy who is deserted by his country during an ongoing mission and starts looking for his wife and child who were sold off to china.

Later he turns into a prime suspect in a homicide case involving the CEO of a large company.

17. Yaksha: Ruthless Operations (2022)

Yaksha: Ruthless Operations

Watch On: Netflix

Action/Spy K-movies are generally interesting to watch and this movie adds thrilling elements.

Kang In is a relentless man who drives a secretive NIS group in China and will use any methods necessary to get the job done.

Ji Hoon is an examiner in the Seoul Central District. He complies with the law paying little mind to anything more. Later He gets demoted to china, where he meets Kang In.

16. Commitment (2013)


Watch On: VIKI

Many action K-movies lack plot but this movie’s storyline will grip you from the beginning.

Myun Hoon’s father was abandoned by his own country, North Korea after completing his mission. He and his sister are forced to attend a labor camp.

A high-ranking officer strikes a deal with Myung hoon where he needs to kill a north spy by the name of Big dipper in South Korea to free him and his sister.

15. Confidential Assignment (2017)

Confidential assignment

Watch On: Netflix

It’s hard to keep your eyes on only Hyun Bin in this movie as everything in this movie is so good.

Im Chul Ryung is a North Korean Investigator who’s shipped off to South Korea to get Cha Ki Sung, the boss of a crime organization.

There he meets Kang Jin Tae who helps out him to bring down the lawbreaker.

14. Midnight Runners (2017)

Midnight runners

Watch On: Netflix

Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Neul together have perfect characters and their acting and action won’t disappoint you.

Park Ki Joon and Kang Hee Yeol are new students from the Korean police university who decide to deal with a kidnapping case all alone which is taken lightly by the police.

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13. The Chaser (2008)

The chaser

Watch On: Netflix

Based on a real-life serial killer “Young Cheo Yoo”. This K-movie digs deep into the nature of serial killers and their choice of victim.

Jung-ho is an ex-cop turned pimp who’s on a search to find his missing girls. 

At first, Jung Ho thinks it’s a case of human trafficking and tries to dig more but the truth is more shocking than it makes sense.

12. I Saw The Devil (2010)

I saw the devil

Watch On: Netflix

At a glance, this movie seems to be a sweet old revenge genre but I assure you its not.

So-Hyun is a top-secret agent and his fiancé is found dead in a horrific stage.

He vows to find the killer himself and inflict 1000x the pain he suffered even if he becomes a monster himself.

11. The Divine Fury (2019)

The divine fury

Watch On: Netflix

Park Seo and Ahn Sung Ki’s (Exorcist) acting is a must watch in this drama.

Yong Hoo is a martial arts champion who resents gods after his father died believing in them till the very end.

He unexpectedly meets an exorcist who shows him the difference between gods and devils’ work. Both end up working together to fight a powerful devil.

10. The Gangster, The Cop And The Devil (2019)

The gangster the cop and the devil

Watch On: Netflix, VIKI

The title says everything, It has all elements that you would want in an action Korean movie.

Jang Dong Soo is the boss of a crime organization. He becomes the target of a serial killer and is the only known person to survive.

Jung Tae is a cop and detests criminals to his core, however, he is compelled to work with Dong Soo to track down the serial killer.

9. Fabricated City (2017)

Fabricated city

Watch On: Netflix

Are any of Ji Chang Wook fans reading this? If you loved Ji chang’s work in the action Korean drama “The K2” then you can expect nothing short from this Korean action movie.

Kwon Yoo is only a jobless man who lives by eating ramen, but in the virtual game world, he is the best detective.

However, he is framed for murder and is on run together with a help of a hacker and his team from the game they uncover the truth behind this madness.

8. Along With The Gods (2017)

Along with the gods

Watch On: Netflix

Do you want to action sequences with good CGI and fantasy elements? Then you need to watch this movie.

Kim Ja Hong navigates the afterlife with the help of three guardians. As he must face his trials over 49 days and prove that he lived a noble life.

This K-movie has performed spectacularly at the box office and fans are eagerly waiting for more parts of this movie.

7. Secretly Greatly (2013)

Secretly greatly

Watch On: Primevideo

This movie has a bit of every genre you would like and Kim Soo Hyun’s performance in this movie is fantastic to watch.

Three North Korean spies are dispatched to South Korea. They began to live as ordinary neighbors until they receive their mission “Secret and Great’ is assigned to them.

6. A Bittersweet Life (2005)

A bittersweet life

Watch On: Netflix

Another Lee Byung Hun movie recommendation in this list is worth your time.

Gang’s boss Kang suspects his girlfriend Hee Su and sends his righthand man Sun Woo.

In a moment of weakness, sun woo falls on her and lets her escape. This makes Kang angry and orders his excursion but survives making his life dedicated to getting revenge.

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5. V.I.P (2017)


Watch On: Netflix

This movie is Raw, bloody, and brutal, You will uncover many darker shades while watching this movie.

Detective Chae Yi-Do is assigned to a serial murder case and immediately knows by intuition that Kim Gwang Il is the culprit.

The NIS Agent Park Jae-Hyuk and his government protect him.

4. The Outlaws (2017)

The outlaws

Watch On: VIKI

The movie is based on real-life incidents.

Ma Dong Seok (Ma Suk Do) is the only name you would be googling after you watch this movie as you love his character as a badass cop.

Jang Chen is a loan shark in the Chinatown area of Seoul. His methods of collection are brutal and his actions are backed by his gang.

Meanwhile, Ma Suk Do is a detective who wants to keep in his area in midst of gang wars.

3. The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion (2018)

The witch part 1 the subversion

Watch On: Netflix, VIKI

If you like watching korean movies with supernatural elements then this one is for you.

10 years ago Ja Yoon has escaped a government facility and lost all her memories. An Old couple takes her up.

Few years later, she enter’s a Tv show to win the prize money for her family and soon after mysterious people start to appear in her life.

2. The Man From Nowhere (2010)

The man from nowhere

Watch On: VIKI

More Blood, Violence, and Rampage. Woo Bin in this movie from action sequences, his character development to the emotional scene is an eye feast.

Cha Tae Shik owns a pawnshop and is quiet all the time. The only person he talks to is a little girl who’s a neighbor.

Her mother is a drug addict and one day steals drugs from criminals. The boss is now angry about this he orders of retrieving and kidnapping of them. 

Tae Shik has now has to rescue the little girl no matter the cost.

1. Train To Busan (2016)

Train to Busan

Watch On: Netflix, VIKI

This movie checks everything that fans need in a Korean action movie.

Seok Woo and his daughter are trapped in a train going from Seoul to Busan in midst of a zombie outbreak.

Zombies in this movie are portrayed realistically and the screenplay will make you glued to your screens.


This ends our best picks of Korean action movies to watch right now.

Do you have more Korean action movie recommendations? If so then do let us know in the comment section below.