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The 16 Best Korean Dramas Of 2019

Want to know the best Korean dramas of 2019? Stick with us till the end to find out.

Korean dramas are on a constant rise in popularity around the globe with many new fans entering the world of k-dramas, With many dramas released each year, It’s easy to miss worthy k-dramas which needs our attention.

Best Korean Dramas Of 2019

Best Korean Dramas Of 2019

2019 was one of the best year’s for Korean dramas with many becoming all-time favorites for many fans, So here are the 16 Best Korean Dramas Of 2019.

16. Abyss (2019)

  • Genre: Fantasy, Mystery
  • Episodes: 16
  • Watch On: Netflix

What if you were given another chance in life after death? The drama is about Go Se Yeon who is a tough and beautiful prosecutor but dies in an accident.

Cha Min is a smart and rich heir, but considers himself unattractive like the female lead he also dies in an accident. Both are brought back to life, but in a different body by the mysterious marble “Abyss”.

The chemistry between the leads is adorable to watch, though the drama is a little slow-paced but has an interesting plot to keep you hooked.

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15. Touch Your Heart (2019)

Touch your heart
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • Episodes: 16
  • Watch On: Netflix, VIKI

Do you like watching office romance K-Dramas?

Oh Yeon is a popular actress but isn’t good at acting and after a scandal, no one is willing to cast her and suddenly one day she receives a role offer, but it comes with a twist as she has to work in a law firm for three months.

At the law firm, she meets Kwon Jung Rok a cold-hearted attorney and Yeon Seo has to work as a secretary for him despite uneasiness in the beginning love blooms between them. This drama has many moving and comforting scenes that you will no doubt love.

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14. Romance Is A Bonus Book (2019)

Romance is a bonus book
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • Episodes: 16
  • Watch On: Netflix

Do you love watching Nuna-Romance? Then romance is a bonus book that is perfect for you.

Cha Eun Ho is the chief editor at a book publishing company his life is calm and smooth and things begin to change when his childhood friend Kang Dan Yi enters his life. She is a single mother and is a temporary worker in the same company as they bump into each other a love story begins to unfold.

This drama has everything that you need from lovable characters, great OST to an amazing plot. Lee Jong Suk and Lee Na Young’s chemistry are just adorable to watch and This many heart-touching moments to warm you.

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13. Melting Me Softly (2019)

Melting me softly
  • Genre: Romance, Mystery
  • Episodes: 16
  • Watch On: VIKI

Ma Dong Chan is the hitmaker of variety shows and his latest project is “24 hours human freezing” and Ma Dong is participating this time. Go Mi Ra is a part-timer who has a lot of debt. Mi Ran enters this show in exchange for 5 million won to cover her debt and both wake up after 20 years instead of 24 hours.

What would you do if you woke up after 20 years?. Ji Chang Wook and Won Ji Ah chemistry in this drama is cute to watch, The plot of this drama may seem a bit boring at a glance but with its amazing cast and OST, this K-Drama will keep you hooked.

12. He Is Psychometric (2019)

He is psychometric
  • Genre: Thriller
  • Episodes: 16
  • Watch On: VIKI

Do you wish/love to have a supernatural ability?

Lee Ahn has the power of psychometry since young and together with investigator Eun Ji, and prosecutor Kang Seong try to solve the case that has been haunting all their lives.

This K-Drama has a bit of every genre, You will particularly love the performance of idol actors Jin Young and Shin Ye Eun. If you think the suspense in mystery drama lasts only a couple of episodes then this drama will prove you wrong with its dark twists.

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11. Strangers From Hell (2019)

Strangers from hell
  • Genre: Psychological Thriller
  • Episodes: 10
  • Watch On: Netflix

So if you are into the thriller genre then “Strangers From Hell” is tailor-made for you with its creepy plot to stunning cinematography.

Yoon Jong moves from the countryside to Seoul for a job and couldn’t afford a decent home with the money in hand. He stumbles upon a cheap hotel after six months he finally saves up enough money to move out but is mysterious events happen in the hostel.

Im Si Wan and Lee Dong Wook perfectly nail’s every scene in this drama. Strangers from hell is one the best thrillers Korean dramas that will keep you intrigued throughout the show.

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10. Angel’s Last Mission: Love (2019)

Angels last mission love
  • Genre: Fantasy, Romance
  • Episodes: 16
  • Watch On: Netflix, VIKI

Ok, we want Kim Myung Soo as our angel, Don’t you agree?

Kim Dan is a troublemaker angel and lives carefree. He is sent on a mission to find true love for Lee Yeon Seo but eventually falls for her. Lee Yeon is a talented ballerina but gives up her dream after an accident and things get worse after her parent’s sudden death as everyone around wants her inherited money.

Angel’s last Mission is a Sweet and Romantic drama, This drama has an amazing cast that you will love especially the chemistry between Shin Hye Sun and Kim Myung Soo is sweet to watch.

9. Her Private Life (2019)

Her private life
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • Episodes: 16
  • Watch On: Netflix, VIKI

Do you love Office Romance K-Dramas with an interesting plot? Then give this drama a shot.

Sung Deok work’s in an art gallery to the outside world she is the perfect woman in every way but inside she is the greatest fangirl of Cha Shi a secret that she must take to her grave but things change, when her true identity is discovered by popular painter turned director pf her art gallery Ryan Gold.

Park Min Young perfectly played the fangirl and chemistry with Kim Jae Wook is natural, If you are skeptical about office romance being boring then watch this drama.

8. Extraordinary You (2019)

Extraordinary you
  • Genre: Fantasy, Romance
  • Episodes: 16
  • Watch On: VIKI, Netflix

Do you read Webtoons/Comics? Then what would do if you are one of the characters in a webtoon?

Well, this exactly happens to our female lead, Eun Dan a high school student who discovers that her world is a webtoon and her actions are determined by the author. To make things worst she is one of the supporting characters and doesn’t have much time to live, With this knowledge, she is determined to become the main lead and find true love.

Adapted from the Webtoon “July Found by Chance”, The drama is so well written as you feel every tear, smile, and fear that characters go through. Almost the entire cast is young which is quite rare to see and everyone played their role perfectly.

7. Love Alarm Season 1 (2019)

Love alarm season 1
  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes: 8
  • Watch On: Netflix

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew how many people like you? If anyone within 10 meters likes you then the “Love alarm” app rings but doesn’t reveal their identity.

Kim Jojo is a high school student who lives with her aunt as her parents died when she was young. Hwang Sun is a popular student who isn’t loved his parents and his friend Lee Hye Yeong likes Kim Jojo.

Who doesn’t love a love triangle? This drama talks about technology and how society views it. Despite Song Kang and Jung Ga Ram being rookies in this drama, they went on par with Kim So Hyun. Overall this drama is short and smooth to watch.

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6. The Tale Of Nokdu (2019)

The tale of nokdu
  • Genre: Historical, Action, Romance
  • Episodes: 16
  • Watch On: Netflix, Viki

If you think historical dramas are boring then this drama will prove you wrong with its action-packed intense plotline.

Based on the webtoon “Nok Du Jeon”, Nok Du is a swordsman who lives with his father and brother and one day gets they are attacked by female assains and Nok Du chases them leading him to the widowed village, To find the truth about this attack he distinguishes as women and enters the village.

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5. When The Camellia Blooms (2019)

When the camellia blooms
  • Genre: Romance, Drama
  • Episodes: 20
  • Watch On: Netflix

If you love heartwarming drama then this drama is perfect for you with an interesting plot and an amazing cast to keep you entertained.

Dong Baek is a single mother who runs a popular bar in a small town while raising her son, The people of the town often gossip about her, regardless of the rumor Hwang Yong is deeply in love with her and things get complicated when her ex-boyfriend returns.

The drama tackles how society views a single mother and our female lead Gong Hyo Jin deserves all the praise for portraying naturally.

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4. Kingdom Season 1 (2019)

Kingdom season 1

  • Genre: Historical, Thriller
  • Episodes: 6
  • Watch On: Netflix

Do you want to see zombies together?

Set in Joseon Period, the current king has been ill and is forbidden to see but rumors say he is dead. The state declares the crown prince as a traitor. The crown prince is trying to find the physician who treated his father to know what happened to the king but something truly sinister was blooming in the kingdom.

Political corruptions, Evil nobles, Throne successors, King conspiracies and to top it all off a deadly disease that causes humans to turn into zombies, This drama has everything. If you are bored watching regular K-Dramas then you should try this drama.

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3. Vagabond (2019)

  • Genre: Action, Thriller
  • Episodes: 16
  • Watch On: Netflix

Want some action in your life?

After the death of his dear nephew in a mysterious plane crash, Cha Dal Gun is set on a mission to find the real cause of his nephew’s death. During his investigations, he meets Go Hae Ri NIS agent and both try to uncover the mystery and corruption behind the plane crash.

This drama has one of the best cinematography and action sequences. You will love our main leads Lee Seung Gi and Bae Suzy’s action stunts as it’s made on an international level.

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2. Hotel Del Luna (2019)

Hotel del luna
  • Genre: Fantasy, Romance
  • Episodes: 16
  • Watch On: Netflix, VIKI

If you are a die-hard fantasy nerd then you have to watch this drama as it has everything from stunning cinematography, a Good plot, perfect OST/Music, and lovable characters especially our main leads IU and Yeo Jin Goo.

Jang Man Wol is the CEO of Hotel Del Luna, A quite unusual Hotel that only welcomes ghosts and sends them to the afterlife. She is stuck for the past thousand years as a punishment for a grave crime. Goo Sung is the new employee and is forced to work because his father made a deal with Jang Man Wol.

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1. Crash Landing On You (2019)

Crash landing on you
  • Genre: Romance
  • Episodes: 16
  • Watch On: Netflix

Do you love to watch out of the world/ magical romance type of K-dramas, then you should watch this drama.

After a paragliding accident, Yoon Se Ri lands in North Korea where she meets Jung Hyuk a North Korean Soldier who agrees on helping her return to South Korea, a simple mission gets complicated when both fall in love.

“Crash Landing On You” is one of the popular Korean dramas on Netflix, Everything in this drama is perfect from acting, cast, plot to beautiful locations and you are sure to fall in love with Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin as their chemistry is adorable to watch.

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So this ends our list of Best Korean Dramas Of 2019, Did we miss any of your favorite Korean Drama of 2019? If So let us know in the comment section.