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8 Park Jin Young Korean Dramas To Watch now (2022)

Want to know the best Korean Dramas of Park Jin Young?

Park Jin Young or better known as Jr./Junior by fans is a member of the popular boy band GOT7 and is one of the best idol actors.

He’s a man of many talents within the entertainment industry and his Korean dramas shouldn’t be taken lightly as his acting has matured over time.

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What are the Best K-Dramas Of Park Jin Young?

Park Jin Young Korean Dramas

From fantasy “The Legend Of The Blue Sea”, Thriller ” The Devils Judge” to sizzling romance K-drama ” Yumi Cells”, here are 8 K-dramas of Park Jin Young you need to watch.

So let’s get started.

8. Dream Knight (2015)

Park Jin Young in Dream knight
  • Genre: Fantasy, Romance
  • Episodes: 12
  • Watch On: Naver TV

This is a special K-drama for GOT7 fans as it features all seven members.

The story follows Joo In Hyung who experiences difficult times due to her mother’s death and things change when a group of seven handsome men appear in her life.

This fantasy overall is a cute drama to watch but has an old cliche plot that may not suitable for some.

7. Dream High 2 (2012)

Park Jin Young in Dream high 2
  • Genre: Music, School
  • Episodes: 16
  • Watch On: Netflix, Viki

Sequel to the popular musical K-drama “Dream High”. In this season Kirin high school is taken over by OZ entertainment because of financial bankruptcy.

Oz entertainment has a new set of rules to which the students comply. When Kirin high school students are transferred they end up clashing with each other.

Jin Young made his debut with this drama and he plays the role of Jung Ui a student of Oz entertainment. As an idol himself, Jin Young portraying an aspiring idol in this drama is pretty much close to perfect.

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6. The Legend Of Blue Sea (2016)

Park Jin Young in The legend of blue sea

The drama follows Shim Chung a mermaid who finds her true love in modern-day Seoul.

Jin Young plays the younger version of Lee Min Hoo, JR’s character was memorable for many fans despite the character having limited time-space.

This fantasy K-drama was a success across the world and Park Jin Young received many praises for his performance.

5. Magic School (2017)

Park Jin Young in Magic school
  • Genre: Drama, School
  • Episodes:16
  • Watch On: Viki

This K-drama follows four people who attend magic school for different reasons.

Park Jin Young plays the role of Lee Na Ra who has been single for his whole life and isn’t passionate about anything, later he decides to attend magic school to figure out things.

Jin Young’s chemistry with the female lead is adorable to watch and in this Korean Drama JR was one of the main leads.

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4. The Devil Judge (2021)

Park Jin Young in The devil judge
  • Genre: Mystery, Crime
  • Episodes: 16
  • Watch On: Netflix, Viki

Set in a fictional world of Korea where the courtroom is telecasted live and head judge Kang Yo Han mercilessly punishes the corrupt.

Jin Young plays the role of Kim Ga On a rookie judge who has experienced difficult times when his parents died. This K-drama showed Park Jin Young from a different perspective as he was generally seen as a typical boy next door.

The drama has thrilling elements to keep you glued to your screens thanks to its main leads Ji Sung and JR’s incredible performance.

3. When My Love Blooms (2020)

Park Jin Young in When my love blooms

The story follows Han Jae Hyun and Yoon Ji Soo in different phases of their life. Jr plays the younger version of Han Jae Hyun and portrays his character perfectly.

This Korean drama is complex and emotional at the same time. It seamlessly transitions from past to present and you will surely have a good time watching this drama.

2. He Is Psychometric (2019)

Park Jin Young in He is psychometric
  • Genre: Supernatural, Mystery
  • Episodes: 16
  • Watch On: Viki

A supernatural K-drama that perfectly blends romance and mystery genres and you will keep craving for more with each episode.

Jin Young plays the role of Lee Ahn who has lost his parents in a fire accident and acquires the power of psychometry an ability that lets him see other’s memories by physical contract.

He teams up with police to solve cases and gets a case that is tangled with his past. Jin Young made his debut as the main lead for the first time with this drama and it plays important role in his career.

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1. Yumi Cells Season 1 & 2 (2021-2022)

Park Jin Young in Yumi cells
  • Genre: Romance, Comedy
  • Episodes: (14+14)
  • Watch On: Viki

Based on the webtoon of the same name, the drama follows the adventures of Yumi and her incredible cells.

Park Jin Young plays the role of Yoo Bobby a co-worker of Kim Yumi (Kim Go Eun) who has experienced a recent breakup and actively looks out for Yu Mi.

This Korean drama is truly a rollercoaster ride for many fans as they get to see the true acting potential of Jin Young. Yoo Bobby is the main love interest of Yumi in season 2 and his performance is on another level compared to others.

Yumi Cells currently has 2 seasons and is scheduled for season 3 in the upcoming future.

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This ends our list of best Park Jin Young Korean dramas. The above mentioned K-dramas are ranked according to average ratings and popularity.

What’s your favorite Park Jin Young Korean drama? let us know in the comment section below.